Upper Peninsula Overeater Anonymous File Cabinet

Upper Peninsula Overeaters Anonymous File Cabinet

This page is created to give members access to resources for OA program:

  • Pre-commitment Questions Series 1-------click here
  • Pre-commitment Questions Series 2-------click here
  • Pre-commitment Questions Series 3-------click here
  • Pre-commitment Question # 70-------------click here
  • Step 6 through 12 Questions-----------------click here
  • Maintenance Questions-----------------------click here
  • Suggested Slip Questions---------------------click here
  • H.O.W. Sponsoring Guidelines---------------click here
  • As Bill Sees It-------------------------------------click here
  • 4th Step Sheets
    • Outline-------------------------------------click here
    • Fears----------------------------------------click here
    • Resentment-------------------------------click here
    • Sexual Conduct--------------------------click here